Rikuto Wearing New Hat and Mittens

Here’s a lovely picture of Rikuto sat on the sofa, sporting a cute hat, mittens, and “I Luv My Mum” socks, courtesy of his Aunty Emma and Uncle Mark. The colorful clothes he’s wearing are part of Mami’s Yahoo Auctions haul. Mami’s online activities also won him a little Big-o-Ball to go with the larger version he got when we went shopping. Doesn’t he look like a couch potato? 😉

Rikuto dressed in presents
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14 thoughts on “Rikuto Wearing New Hat and Mittens

  1. Nick,

    Let me know if you ever find an answer to that question on Rikuto’s new clothes.


    I think he shouldn’t have. After all, what did Lehigh do to deserve being ate in the world?


  2. Rikuto stop being so lazy and get off that couch! And while your at it, learn some manners and close your legs! Gosh!!!

  3. I think Cooper should eat “lehigh” because the poet who wrote about this obviously has some insiduous, deeply disgrunted feeling towards “Lehigh”.
    This after much consideration, shows me two things; the wonderfully talented poet is a sick and twisted thing, or maybe he does have a fair reason to be angry at “Lehigh” and should be eaten by Cooper!!!
    Dear Al, to say that he should not be eaten when obviously you do not have all the facts is Just not Good Enough!!! “Lehigh” after much, much more consideration has to be bad bad bad!!!! Why because the poet knows something we do not know!!!!!
    Rikuto does look very cool!!!!! Hey mike c’mon and leave the little fella alone. Geez it is obvious that he is busy thinking about something. And please do not forget that he is a little man in Japan and can do what he wants with his legs haa haa haa!!

    1. After light consideration I have come up with the following hypothesis.

      In fact- the author is making a profound statement about how, in our society ones ability to get along with peers is often valued higher than ones actual ability to perform a given task. Furthermore, he asks “What are the repercussions of doing this?”–

      The reference in this case, is obviously to Gordon Cooper the astronaut. In 1970 he had a falling out with NASA and subsequently lost out to Alan Shepherd in his bid to pilot Apollo 13, despite clearly being a better qualified pilot. The symbol of shooting for the stars is applied to the name Lehigh- reference to 691 Lehigh, a minor planet discovered in 1909. After which, Cooper dropped out of NASA never to be heard from again.

      The author is asking the reader to be inflective “You may not like the individual. You may not like the way they behave. However, before you drop them aside, consider their true worth. Will we destroy their attempt to reach the stars? IN THE WORLD SHOULD COOPER ATE LEHIGH?”

      1. Is this a b#llsh#t story from your imagination Al or is it really true!! If true, this could mean that all the strange English on T-shirts in Japan could actually have real meaning!!!!!!
        Many a time I and many others (Don’t want to be caught out all by myself now!!) have laughed at the English and now we could all have egg on our faces!!! This could mean that the T-shirt “Juicy” and “Milk me” which I have seen many a time across young women’s breasts (on the T-shirts of course!!) could actually have celestrial meanings!!!!!!
        Sheeeeeeesh I should get my mind out of the gutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        PS. I get it now; “Milk me” obviously relates to the “Milky Way” (A delicious chocolate by Cadburys) and “Juicy” refers to Japanese oranges that have a real nice acidic after-taste!! But why on women’s T-shirts I wonder!!!!

        1. First, yes the story of Gordon Cooper is true, yes 691 Lehigh is (or was) considered a minor planet and yes of course it’s the symbolization is true Keith. Of all the people I know Keith, I though you would be far above those that would take those T-Shirts at face falue. Really, could “Milk Me” be anything but a statement by the author about the gross discrimination towards women in Japan. You know as well as anyone that they are treated like cattle, “milked” for all they are worth and once they reach a “perceived” age of usefullness they are let out to pasture. That is exactly what the shirt is saying. It says, “Hey, I’m being treated like a cow!”.


        2. I’m sorry Keith but Al’s hypothesis is completely correct! In fact, dare I say the most brilliant thing ever written on LongCountDown.com That means you Nick!!! In other words you’d better start writing some quality content! Haha!

  4. Still think my synopsis is better Al and I did not have to use a search engine to get it haa haa haa!!!!

    1. Rikuto looks great in his new clothes but Auntie Emma sent them for Christmas. You are too impatient, Nick.

      Keith Could you send me your email address as I lost it when I changed computers. Have a great Christmas. Christine

      1. It’s Mami that’s too impatient! One year she opened all her presents in advance and had nothing left for Christmas Day. Anyway, the hat and mittens are now packed away for Christmas. I doubt Rikuto will even remember seeing them before!

        I’ll forward Keith’s email address to you, mum.

  5. Who would have thought this cute little photo of Rikuto would invoke such interesting conversation! Actually I think he’s watching baseball and holding a beer in his other hand – or is volleyball more his thing? Either way he’s still very cute 🙂

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