4 thoughts on “Rikuto Attacks the Camera

  1. I love his fatty little feet! Actually I like it when the music comes in, but from there it absolutely sucks(the music I mean.)

  2. I agree with you mike in regards to the music but can’t you feel for the little fella. It is obvious that he hates the “paparazzi”. (No Idea how to spell that word!!)

  3. @ hari – Thank you! I’m very proud!

    @ Mike – You seem to have some kind of bizarre fascination for Rikuto’s feet, and it’s getting creepy 😉 . As for the music, just turn the volume down. I can’t please everyone with my choice of music, so don’t give me a hard time about it (again).

    @ Keith – Yeah, Rikuto tends to sneer whenever he sees the camera. One moment he’ll be all smiles, then as soon as the camera comes out, he frowns! 😕 P.S. That’s exactly how you spell paparazzi!

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