Rikuto Playing the Keyboard #1

Earlier this year I bought myself a little electronic keyboard so I could make up some children’s songs for my ESL classes. Like most things I spend my money on, it rarely got used… until now.

Watch Rikuto play the piano for the first time ever at four and a half months old. I’d say he’s pretty good for his age!

If you can’t view the video, watch it here on YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “Rikuto Playing the Keyboard #1

  1. Sing us a song, Rikuto youre the piano man
    Sing us a song tonight
    Well, were all in the mood for a melody
    And youve got us feelin alright

  2. That’s just so cute.

    It won’t be so much fun when he starts to walk & grab things and then pull the keyboard down onto his head.

    Today we had an accident with my son and something heavy and plastic. There were lots of tears and cuddles.

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