Japan Exposed Through Opinion Poll Translations

What Japan ThinksForeign perception of Japan is often tarnished by sweeping generalizations made by people who lack the language skills and tools necessary to understand the real thoughts and actions of Japan’s general public.

What Japan Thinks

Introducing Ken Y-N, a legend among Japan bloggers and the face behind What Japan Thinks, a blog full of English translations of Japanese opinion polls and surveys. A keen statistician and Japan enthusiast, Ken has amassed nearly one and half thousand subscribers while shining some light on Japan’s bad office habits and why Japanese women love American men.

Helping the Japan bloggers’ community

His new found fame has brought him some publicity in the form of an interview with the Japan Times, and now he’s sharing his fortune with the rest of us by hosting crowd-pullers like the Japan Blog Awards and using his web skills to promote the JapanSoc social bookmarking site with the JapanSoc FeedBurner FeedFlare.

There’s more to Ken than charts and graphs

One last interesting tidbit about Ken is his other websites. First, do you remember that immensely popular Japanese website that would tell you what you were thinking? Well, Ken jumped on the opportunity to make an English version and the result, BrainScannr, tells me that I’m thinking happy thoughts, which makes it almost as accurate as Kazuko Hosoki! Next, If you’ve ever wondered what your name would be if you were a Buddhist, Ken has the answer. His site, My Buddhist Name, will do the English to Buddhist conversion for you! However, I’m not so sure it’s all that accurate since my Buddhist name turns out to be The Girl Lion Always Youth! 😯

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