Rikuto Turns 6 Months Old

My first post this year about our son, Rikuto, marks six months since he was born. He has grown a lot in that time and is now sitting up, eating crackers and some slimy stuff that looks like mango curry. He also seems to be favoring some toys over others and growing bored of his previous favorites. He loves to be held and is incredibly restless until someone picks him up. He still doesn’t like lying on his front, but is at last sleeping through the night.

Here’s a compilation of some “6-month” footage, which you can see on YouTube if you can’t view it here.

The next six months will be particularly interesting as he learns to crawl, stand, and no doubt wear his mum and dad out. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Rikuto Turns 6 Months Old

  1. He’s adorable. Noah can’t sit up unassisted yet at 4 months, but he definitely can get restless if someone isn’t holding him. I like the way Rikuto plays with that toy with his feet. What a great idea! Have you seen any teeth yet?

  2. He is way too cute – and he’s certainly mastered the art of sitting up. Good to hear he’s sleeping through the night too – it makes such a difference eh!

  3. So Cuteeee! Seems that he is now ready to do online business and become a great blogger…And happy to you as Rikuto now sleeping through the night :)…

  4. I found your picture of a baby at the computer. Can I use this in a presentation I am creating?

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