Japan It Up Before You Leave

Before I talk about Japan It Up, a new blog that has already made its mark in the Japan bloggers’ community, I have to get something off my chest…

How anonymous should an anonymous blog be?

Recently, I’ve come across a number of bloggers who choose to use codenames to hide their identity. Two that come to mind are JDonuts blogger, Contamination, and the author of Japan It Up, Smoother. I would understand the need for anonymity if they were blogging about bizarre cults, sordid fantasies or something else they wouldn’t want a potential employer seeing, but these guys are respectable bloggers sharing stories and information related to Japan. Why not just go with a first name, or at least a fake name that people could take seriously, like… Humphrey? Hmm, maybe I’m just old fashioned. 😉

If you’re coming to Japan, you have to Japan it Up!

JapanItUpBlogging out of Fukuoka in Southern Kyushu, Smoother hails from the American Midwest and is here with his fiancee, who tapped into his desire to see Japan, suggesting they visit after she graduated. Before his departure, he had all sorts of questions about Japan and thought it would be a good idea to blog about his experiences, answering his own questions so other Japan-bound visitors could know what to expect before boarding the plane.

A collection of useful Japan info in one place

Smoother only started Japan It Up last October, but has come up with some top-notch stuff. Some of the most useful articles are Flying to Japan, which details the trip over, an Airline Review, which gives his ratings for the airlines he’s traveled with, Breakfast in Japan, ATM Currency Conversion, Going to the Doctor, Apartments in Japan, and much more which I’ll let you discover for yourself.

It’s not all for Japan newbies

There are also articles that would interest Japan veterans such as myself (if 10 years qualifies me for “veteran” status) such as Ice Cream Ramen, and tech talk like WordPress in Japanese and English, which I must implement on this blog. You can also follow the adventures of Smoother’s pet chihuahua, Lulu.

Japan It Up has gotten off to a great start and is worth subscribing to. I can only imagine it will get even better the longer Smoother stays in Japan, which could be a long time yet.

I don’t know where I placed my return ticket which has already expired and that’s okay with me. I have a feeling that this short stay will turn into forever.

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6 thoughts on “Japan It Up Before You Leave

  1. Well, I see my name mentioned and I can’t help but comment right? Is that called comment bait? (like how I got John Cow to comment on one of my posts)

    Anyhow, why do I blog anonymously? The internet is a big place, there are loads of weirdo’s out there and I feel very comfortable having the two at arms length from one another.

    Does this mean I don’t want to meet other bloggers face to face? No, I’m planning to meet Lina from Urutora No Hi when she comes to Japan in April, but there’s already interest in which mask I will use for the “we met, this proves it” photo.

    I guess it could just boil down to comfort and security. I feel comfortable blogging anonymously knowing I’ve reduced the chances of my online hobby coming back to bite me on the bottom.

  2. I see the name thing comment as constructive criticism and you have a point. I might start using my first name, who knows.

    I appreciate you taking the time to blog about my site. 2008 should be a crazy year, so stay tuned!

  3. I think people who hide their names are paranoid. The net and existing on it should be just like the real world. Act right ,give respect, back up what you say and don’t get ignorant with people for no good reason.

    As long as you are not a total a___ole you should be fine.

  4. I think by putting a name (or even a face of the blogger) to the blog will help establish it as more of a brand and less of just another blog in the mix. Promote the name and face of the blogger along with the blog to help give it a personality. Something that personal usually more impressing. People will feel “at home” with your blog if they know you more. That’s my opinion…

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