Yoga Every Damn Day

Forward Fold

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for five years or so. It’s my go-to remedy for the chronic back pain I suffer through, and I really enjoy doing it. That said, I don’t really follow any plans or have any goals, and feel that the lack of structure is what keeps me from making it a habit. That picture of me is after a serious effort at getting flexible, […]

Keeping Life Interesting

In my last blog post I talked about how lazy I’ve become since I stopped trying to impress people. But no matter how I spin it, sitting around watching YouTube is no way to live life. Ironically, it’s people on YouTube that inspire me the most. I’ve become fascinated by adventurous and brave young women building a tiny house in the mountains, living in a Prius or traveling the world […]

Having Nothing to Prove Leads to Laziness

I’ve noticed a change in myself, something that’s clearly apparent as type this from my bed on a Friday afternoon: I’m lazy. I’m lazy, I’m lazy, I’m lazy. There. I said it. I do occasionally drag myself out of bed for a little bit of exercise, and it was just yesterday that I had a revelation while doing just that: I no longer seek the approval of anyone. That’s it. […]

Instant Gratification

I long believed that happiness was a long term goal, something to strive for, something you achieve after studying hard, landing a good job, starting a family and settling down in your own home. The American Dream, if you will. But that’s all nonsense! What it really boils down to is brain chemistry. There are a bunch of neurotransmitters in the brain that trigger feelings of happiness, such as serotonin, […]