Rikuto Wearing Clothes from Granny

On September 9th, I posted a photo of Rikuto’s new clothes, which he got from his granny and grandad in England. If you go back and take a look at that picture, you’ll see how small he was then. If he had worn the clothes, they would have drowned him! Now, just two and half months later, they fit him perfectly, and even though t-shirt and shorts aren’t really suitable for the cold weather we’re having, he spends most of his time sleeping under the kotatsu anyway (not literally, of course!)

Rikuto wearing clothes from granny
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3 thoughts on “Rikuto Wearing Clothes from Granny

  1. Rikuto’s feet are hilarious!!! I still love that post of your’s, Mami’s and Rikuto’s feet, and it looks like they haven’t changed… haha

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