I Got a Gold Driver’s License!

I went to renew my Japanese driving license and was rewarded with a gold license! What’s a gold license? A gold license is given out to people who don’t have any points on their current driving license. From what I’ve heard, this is an achievement usually limited to “paper” drivers – those who have a license but never actually drive! The card itself looks the same as a standard blue […]

The Whirly Whirly Road

You’ve all seen photos of spaghetti junctions and double-decker expressways cutting through urban Japan, but on a recent trip out into the mountains, I came across what can only be described as a “whirly-whirly” road. The purpose of this extravagant helter skelter of a street is to get you high enough to drive over the mountain it perches on. The problem is, it makes you so dizzy you’re quite likely […]

Trying to Drive in Japan #2

Japan, like most developed countries, has so many laws and rules to abide by that I find it all quite suffocating. I previously wrote about the ridiculous number of traffic lights in Japan, and since I’m driving for an hour and a half every day I can’t help but get frustrated, and a frustrated driver is not a safe driver. So let me get this straight. Traffic lights are there to prevent […]

Trying to drive in Japan

I always ask my students what they plan to do at the weekend and they often say they are going to go for a drive. I agree that if you can get out into the mountains you might enjoy the scenery, just as we do driving through the countryside in England, but that’s if you can get out into the mountains! When the weekend rolls around, everybody, and I mean everybody, […]

Pajama-wearing, drink-driving policeman fired

In the post Policeman arrested for copping a feel, I told you about a Japanese police officer who groped a woman on a train. Today’s story is even better! The Mainichi News reported that a police sergeant was fired for driving to work drunk. Here are the main parts of the story:  Okayama Prefectural Police fired the 60-year-old officer on disciplinary grounds and sent an investigation report to prosecutors on Tuesday, accusing him […]