Car ploughs into 33 nursery school children.

I honestly don’t know what to add to the article you’re about to read. I was shocked to see it on TV today, and teaching regularly at Japanese kindergartens myself, I just felt sick to the stomach.

From the Mainichi News:

At about 9:55 a.m., a white van rammed into a line of 33 children and five teachers from a local nursery school at an intersection along a municipal road in the Totsuka-Higashi district of Kawaguchi, local police said.

In the accident, two children died and the heart of another child has stopped. Thirteen others including a 23-year-old female teacher were wounded, four of them seriously.

The driver was arrested and is being questioned, and it isn’t clear yet what caused him to crash into the children, but one thing is for sure – he wasn’t watching the road. We do know that he wasn’t drunk, though.

The children, mostly three and four-year olds, were on their way to a nearby park, being led by their teachers.

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