Rikuto’s First Photo Shoot

As promised, here is a collection of photos we had taken a couple of weeks ago, when Rikuto was about nine and a half months old. We think they are great, and his family in England will love these. If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I’d love to hear from you!

Rikuto at Nine Months Old

I haven’t posted a video of Rikuto since we went to the park to see cherry blossoms, and that was over a month ago! Since then, the little guy has passed the 9-months-old mark, and is a chunky 10 kilos! Here are some clips from the last few weeks: If you can’t view the video, you can watch it here on YouTube. I also have a playlist of Rikuto videos […]

Ramsay Ramblings 5/6/2008

There are lots of little things to talk about this week, so here’s another dose of Ramsay Ramblings! May 5th was Children’s Day Mami and I have a little boy, and this year was his first Children’s Day. Thomas wrote all about Koinobori, Japanese Carp Streamers, so I’ll skip the detail and get to the photos: Our Koinobori – Japanese Carp Streamers A Kintarou cake Kawashi-mochi – rice cakes wrapped […]

Rikuto’s Diary April 12th 2008

Hello everybody. Daddy says I can write on his blog. He thinks that at my age (8 and a half months) I should learn to touch type. I think he’s wrong. My fingers are too short and chubby. I can do it with my toes, though. My first teeth I have two teeth now. One is a bit yellow. Mummy thinks I have an “enamel defect”. She keeps brushing it. […]

Rikuto at One Day Old

I previously posted a video of Rikuto at 3 weeks old, believing it was the earliest footage of our son that we had. However, the other day I was playing with my phone when I discovered, buried deep within its memory banks, a video I had taken just 24 hours after he was born! I guess I’m becoming really forgetful in my thirties. 😕 Here is never before seen footage […]

Rikuto Goes Cherry Blossom Viewing

Mami and I braved the wind to show Ricky some cherry blossoms. Not many of the trees had fully bloomed, and Rikuto wasn’t too impressed, but any excuse for another family video! 🙂 I do apologize for the music. It originally had a different soundtrack with one of my favorite tunes. I was even going to offer cash prizes to those of you could name the song! Unfortunately, Mami didn’t […]

Rikuto in March 2008

Ricky is developing more of a personality by the day, and it’s great watching him develop. He’s started practicing with a toothbrush even though he doesn’t have any teeth yet, he’s eating a variety of mushy foods, and can finally roll on to his front. Here are a few recent clips: If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here on YouTube. If you like, you can find […]

Which One is Not Rikuto?

Here’s a quick quiz for you. Below you can see five pictures of our son, Rikuto. However, one of them is an imposter! All you have to do is decide which is the odd one out. If you need to, you can enlarge the pictures for a better look. Click to enlarge: A, B, C, D, E Easy? Great! Now try this one. I’ll give you a hint. The odd […]