Motivate Yourself with FutureMe A year ago, I used a free service at to send an email to myself in the future. I had completely forgotten about it until it came through the other day. Here it is, with obscenities and personal info removed.

Dear Nick,

It’s Sept. 24th, 2006. Hopefully when you read this you will have achieved the goals that I’m setting today!

1) Be earning (deleted)
2) Have saved (deleted)
3) Have bought a (deleted)
4) Have a baby on the way if not already!

If you’ve done these things, then good for you! If not, get off your (deleted) you lazy (deleted)! What happened to you over the last year? No excuses! Get back to work. You used to be really into it, you know. How about that crazy November in 2005, when you were (deleted), writing the (deleted)and working at (deleted), too? You were relentless mate. Don’t lose it now! You’re a born winner, but you’ve got to put your back into it.

Love from yourself,
2006 Nick

I’m glad to say I achieved all the goals I set for myself, and will be using again this year to get me motivated once more. Maybe you should try it, too. Another neat thing you can do is send an email to someone else at a specified point in the future. How about sending birthday messages or love letters for someone to receive ten years from now? The possibilities are endless!

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Motivate Yourself with FutureMe

  1. Sending birthday emails up to ten years into the future? That’s kind of heartless, isn’t it? Where’s the love? Where’s the considerate words?

    Well … I’d probably do the same for some of my sisters … 😛

    I’m glad that you completed all of your goals, Nick. Did you add number 4 to the list of things to accomplish again this year? I’m sure that Rikuto would love to have a brother or sister to torment in the near future 🙂

  2. What a nice little find! For slackers like myself, 2 futureme emails might be in order….
    – One to my revisit my goals, and
    – another that arrives the day before telling me to ‘buy plenty of beer and a few extra tissues to cry into!

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